Belt Drive Openers

This type of opener is our go-to version based on its traits of high horsepower and capability to work well for years at a time without repair. This unit is known for its low noise feature so you won’t wake your guests above or adjacent to the garage. This belt drive opener has a similar gear and sprocket assembly as the chain drive unit and needs the same maintenance and inspection of the gear assembly.

Many units have an integrated battery back-up system to guarantee access in and out of your garage even during a power outage. Lock and light features on wall buttons for safety and security. A manual release handle is also a key feature.

Specific openers also work in conjunction with your smartphone or computer to close doors, turn off lights and the like—from anywhere. Older models can be updated to utilize these new technologies.

Screw Drive Openers

This popular type of opener is reliable and strong. A well maintained screw drive can last for many years. The only draw back to them is over time these operators have a tendency to get noisy. Pacific Garage technicians are very skilled at making them quiet again.


This common type uses a metal chain to open and close the garage. If you have a heavy door, this type of garage door opener has maximum lifting capacity and a quieter operation that can lift a heavy custom or designer door easily. Regular maintenance and inspection of the gear and sprocket assembly is key to a long reliable life for this kind of opener.


If your garage has a low or high ceiling or an obstruction, then this type of unit works best. The Jackshaft maximizes garage space because it is wall-mounted. Some units have an optional standby power system that continues to work even when the power is out. It is also very quiet and reliable.

And, it has ‘people and things’ safety features—like projecting a light beam across the door opening and reversing door direction if anything interrupts the beam.

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